Aug 28, 2013

Work less, when you are working less.

This post was originally published on Viralica’s Blog

The past few days were some of those you can identify with the ups and downs of the startup life. It wasn’t because we lost one of our clients, or something went wrong. It was something very common that happens to most entrepreneurs, a completely unproductive week.

I kept pushing to accomplish more items in my To Do list but I didn’t finish them and I still don’t think they were very important. I just wanted to complete them for the sake of completing them.

The startup world is full of people addicted to work who think that by pulling 90 hours a week and working on weekends they are going to impact positively on the startup, but they don’t notice what really happens. They finally burnout and the weeks start getting less and less productive. If you have good working habits your brain is going to work better, you will have more concentration and you will solve problems better.

This is why it is important to take a break or make a stop not only when you feel you’re working too much but also when you feel you are working too little. Last week I felt I was working too little and nothing I did was really important for the company, so today, I decided to do something I love. I got up very early in the morning and went to do wakeboard, one of my favourite sports. It cleared my mind for a few hours, disconnected from the whole world and got in touch with the nature.

What were the results with this little experiment?

It freed my mind and by the middle of the day I was back at work with lots of energies and desiring to do important stuff I have been replacing with minor To Do’s.

The first tangible thing is I wrote my very first blogpost ever (BTW, it is this one you are reading). I wanted to do it for years and have been postponing for a long time.

It is very important to be attentive to your team’s productivity. And to your own.Don’t try to push it harder when it’s not working. Just make a stop and do something different, something that can clear your mind. Work less when you are working less.

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